Memphis!  Energetic, fresh, brand new.
Mike’s favorite, an outstanding show.
We got to meet lead star performer
Chad Kimball backstage after the show
thanks to a  Boys and Girls Club auction item.
It was really fun to come out of the
stage door after the show, with all the fans

waiting.  They were trying to figure out
 who we were and if we were worth
getting excited about :)  
We had high hopes for The Adams Family
but it was a snooze, despite Bebe Neuwirth,
whose Morticia dress defied gravity
Special guests:  Kareem Abdul Jabar
and John Lithgow, who did
a dramatic interpretation of
a Newt Gingrich presidential
campaign press release
Tiny Daniel Radcliffe (5’6″?)
was amazing.  Fresh faced,
sang and danced his heart out.

Perfectly cast.
My favorite show, by a small

(Harry Potter sized) margin
 over Memphis.
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