Words can’t describe the thrill of being in a boat,
 15 ft. away from molten lava dripping into the sea.
 We FELT the heat.  Note the palm trees above the
 lava, oblivious to the chaos underfoot. The red hot
 lava would flow, then disappear into a wave of sea
 water, creating a big cloud of steam, reappearing in
 mere seconds! We watched for over an hour, and I 
took 194 photos. Check out our video on You Tube:
Kilauea has been an active volcano flowing since
 1983. In that time, she’s covered 16,000 acres with
 lava flow, and created 560 acres of NEW land 
(which belongs to the state of Hawaii, 
thankyouverymuch). The lava we saw had flowed 
about 7 miles through lava tubes to reach the
 southeast shore of the Big Island.

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