This is it!!! St. Andrews is the oldest golf club in the world, with references dating back to 1552. It was pure magic to be on this hallowed ground. People were teeing off constantly from 6am to easily 7pm at night. It’s an interesting course – right in the heart of the Victorian town of St. Andrews. Lots of people walk across the course while you’re playing, with dogs, kids, parents with babies in strollers.

We arrived in time to have a lovely picnic sitting on the steps overlooking the course. Before us was both the 1st and 18th hole, running aside each other – very wide, isn’t it?
We posed on the 18th hole on the famous Swilican bridge, built at least 700 years ago. Mary, Queen of Scots played here, full long skirt and all!  Behind us to the right is the “Royal and Ancient”, or R&A, which makes the official rules of golf. (Except for the revolutionary US, Canada and Mexico)
You can still see the stands from the British Open. The rough was ROUGH, they let it grow for the Open, and you can see it was knee deep.  Playing it was surreal.  I wanted to play it in slow motion to make it last – what a great experience.

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