We were greeted in the morning by a flat tire in the parking lot. The attendant (with Spanglish and lots of sign language) helped us put on the spare and directed us to a gas station so we could get our tire repaired. Too bad it went flat again 20 minutes later, on a hilly gravel road. We trashed that tire in the process of driving to a flat area. We then spent the morning going to 4 different places to buy a new tire (tiene llanta nueva, por favor?), but no one had the right size. We drove the rest of the day with no spare on very sketchy dirt roads.

Came upon a bridge where everyone stopped to look at crocodiles. HUGE… 19 on one side of the bridge and 17 on the other side. With a skimpy walkway, damaged guardrail and traffic whizzing by. (Pick your poison: get hit by a car, or eaten by a crocodile?)
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