Mike’s special birthday treat was driving a real NASCAR race car at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte. Before stepping in behind the wheel, he had to sign waivers, medical releases and attend class. Finally the good stuff! He donned the spiffy fireproof jumpsuit, helmet and earplugs (which they taped to his ears)!

He was in constant contact with a personal racing instructor via the headset, but drove the car on his own. There were 4 cars on the track at a time, all novice drivers. Everyone had to pass on the right, but only with by-the-second clearance from the instructor. He had three 8 minute sessions on the track, and improved with each session. Pretty hard to hold the RPMs around the curves!! He zoomed by at 5,400 rpm on the tachometer with 40 second laps for a top speed of 160.01 miles per hour. Vrooooom!!!

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