If you want to feel lost in a national park, try one that is 600,000 acres. We didn’t even see another person on our breathtaking hike up to Torro Heights with our new friends Bob and Frances Vagg of Sydney, Australia. Bob is a former Olympic marathon runner, he and Frances are a couple of ship-shape Aussies to keep up with!

Our guide from Explora Lodge packed a great picnic – I’m toasting with hot carrot soup. This Chilean lodge and their bilingual guides were fantastic, we give them a thumbs up! www.explora.com

The large round bush is very common in this area. It’s quite thorny and is locally known as “mother-in-law’s” chair. Posted just for my son-in-law, Brian’s amusement :) It’s an accident that my shadow looks like a chair, pretty cool, huh?

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