Valparaiso, Chile was granted UNESCO World Heritage status in the mid-90’s for historical purposes, specifically because of the nine funiculars, which are self-contained incline railway systems at about a 60 degree angle. The city itself is very steep, so whenever 8 people get on or 5 minutes passes, whichever comes first, the car at the top and the bottom move slowly to switch places. People get on with groceries, strollers, etc. all day long for the equivalent of 10 cents a ride.

Mike is popping out of an underground shop, the “door” to which becomes part of the plaza when closed. How bizarre to find a little separate world underground.

The last photo is of electrical wires, which are an unbelievable mess here. It’s a miracle that the lights worked…our guide said that maps to the old lines are frequently missing, so new ones are spliced, and spliced and spliced. We ducked to miss the ones hanging at eye level.

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