Ranked as the #1 white water rafting destination in the world, Futalefeu is Mapuche Indian for “Big, BIG water”. Think beautiful turquiose water so clean you can drink it, then churn it into white water froth and toss in some boulders…that’s the “Fu”. We rafted it in late summer, so the water was down from normal and we still crashed into the biggest walls of water ever. The photos are from a couple of rapids we had to portage – no cakewalk given the consequences of a misstep. The one I’m on had a skinny metal ladder anchored to the rocks, and a stumble would be life threatening, see the guides ready to catch me? We had several rafters tossed out in the rapids, but Mike and I hung on (barely), lucky to still have the paddles, camera and all our teeth. The rapid names are always intimidating….this one had “Gates of Inferno”, “Terminator” and my personal favorite, “Last Wave is a Rock”.

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