It’s either a perfect trip or a really good story, si? Notice the yellow raft…if you look carefully you will notice that it is upside down and there is a guy standing on top of the raft in a Class V rapid called “The Throne Room” (aka “The THROWN Room”). We were bummed that we had to portage this rapid, but once we saw what happened it was probably for the best.

Our very experienced guide Julian had the raft flip near that huge boulder on the right. He got trapped underneath, climbed on top, flip the raft back over mid-rapid and made it safely to an eddy. I don’t think we even breathed while we were watching this scene unfold before our eyes. By the way, was the amazing outfitter we used, and we recommend them very highly.

Do you see Caro del Indio (face of the Indian) in the rocks? He keeps an eye on all the adrenaline junkies in the crazy white water. We must be loco, eh?

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