Kicker Rock is actually split in two, and we dove in the channel. The currents were VERY strong – this is definitely not for novice divers. There was such a surge in current at the bottom that we had to hold onto rocks to maintain our position without moving 10 feet back and forth each time the waves came through, even though it was relatively calm on top.

Galapagos is located at the confluence of five ocean currents, so you never know which way the water is going to go. The water was mostly very cool, but once in a while you’d hit a really icy current for a few minutes.

The current was so strong that I was unable to swim back to the boat after the dive, which was a little scary. They had to motor around and pick me (and Mike, my trusty dive buddy) up on the other side of the rock.

We had really hoped for hammerhead sharks, but didn’t see any. Plenty of reef sharks, sea lions, lobster, eagle rays, and a bazillion small to mid sized fish of every shape and size. The sheer quantity of marine life is amazing!

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