September 16, 2014

Golfing in Carmel, CA

The birthday boy gives a big thumbs up to a sweet
red Camaro for the week.  Drive it like a rental, Captain!

The one thing I didn't count on is how hard it
 would be 
to fit all our stuff in the car.
  Especially the golf clubs!

Tee time at Spyglass, one of the toughest golf courses
in the world.  Humbling experience.

Friendly staff around this course!

Following a round at Spanish Bay, Mike receives
the royal shoe cleaning treatment, including a little
move where they put the air sprayer inside his shoe!

Much to our dismay, we didn't actually play Pebble
Beach (it's almost impossible unless you stay at their
extremely spendy hotel).  We dutifully dialed our
cell phones in unison at 6:55AM each morning to
ask for cancellations, but we didn't get in.  On the plus
side, we were able to use the Pebble Beach driving
range by virtue of our Spyglass tee time.

September 9, 2014


Early morning tee time at the Reserve Golf Club,
just outside Portland.  Low, spooky fog.

At Portland's International Rose Test Garden, we
found the Peace Rose, a Gold Medal Winner in 1944.

Bright yellow with soft pink shading and a sweet
scent.  My grandfather used to grow this in his garden.

Moonstruck's brilliant peanut butter and jelly eyeball
truffle.  Who comes up with this stuff?  Yeah, that jelly
 looks like blood, let's make bloodshot eyeballs! 

A visit to Portland wouldn't be complete without a
stop by Moonstruck Chocolates.  A yummy mummy! 
A copier on steroids, the Espresso Book Machine
at Powell's Books in Portland can print, collate, cover
and bind a book in a manner of minutes.

Seize the book!  At Powell's Books - the largest
independent new and used bookstore in the WORLD.
Taking up a whole city block, it's a book lover's paradise! 

This Oregon Ducks fan may have taken things a bit too far! 

September 7, 2014

Sarah and Mark's Wedding

Mark and Sarah's first dance.
What a wonderful world.
As Mark whispers sweet nothings into the bride's
ear, you can see the beautiful detail on the back
of Sarah's dress from Seattle designer Wai Ching.

We are family!  Sister Kathy, nieces Megan and Jess.
A little polite cake face smashing.

The bridal party shakes it up.
Me and my lovely mom.

Gwen, with one foot in girlhood
and one foot in womanhood,
sports high heels while she
downs some Goldfish crackers.
Surprise smooch from bridesmaid Natalie.

Taking a break after some rug cutting.

September 6, 2014

Prepping for the Big Day

The Beatles Suite at the Edgewater Hotel!  The Fab Four
 stayed here in 1964, during their first US tour,
after every other hotel in Seattle had turned them down
due to security issues over throngs of Beatlemaniacs.
Fans were so crazy, the hotel sold souvenir squares
of the carpeting and sheets after they left.
The much more groovy 70's Beatles,
hanging casually over our bathtub.

The guys relaxing before the big shindig.
Mark and his groomsmen, with
Elliott Bay directly below.  The
Edgewater is the only high rise hotel
 window that fully opens for jumping,
 because you'd only land in the water!

Back in the day, they let hotel guests
fish out of the window, which made
for some smelly bedspreads. 

Mark Schmalz having a chuckle before he gets
serious about the battle of the tux.

Right outside the hotel window, the Victoria Clipper
gives their guests a spin before the high speed
ride up to Canada.
One of life's little mysteries - how to tie a perfect
bow tie.  Luckily, You Tube had the answer.
Mike making sure he folds the pocket square
just right.
Fireball whisky flasks await...

Sarah's gown, with the Puget Sound view.

Meanwhile, up in the Penthouse Suite, bridesmaid
Tanya is glamming up.

This little Kewpie doll bride and groom have topped
many a wedding cake in our family, starting with
my grandparents in 1927. 
The perfect bridal eyelashes!

Sarah's bouquet, built around the Japanese ivory fan
 that has been carried by brides in our family for generations. 

Gwen and Grandma Bev having a multi-gen hangout.

September 5, 2014

Sarah's Wedding Rehearsal

Mark and Mike practicing their secret shake
 slap snap fist bump handshake.

Sarah and Mark perfecting their "I do"

Hanging with the bridesmaids at Gene Juarez Salon,
ready to be scrubbed, buffed and polished.
Me and my girl.

Sarah and matron of honor, Cynthia, rehearse
 hugging at the Dahlia Lounge.
A fine feast!  Front left is the fabulous Michele
Bernard, wedding planner with the mostest, who
brilliantly pulled off a million little details.

I've never opened a gift that made me immediately
burst into tears, but this one did the trick.
I was so proud to carry it at the wedding.
Sarah giving an emotional toast about what it meant
to her and Mark to have the love and friendship
of everyone at the table.  Alex and Gwen are
drinking in every sweet word.