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December 31, 2014

NY Eve in Vegas

ShowStoppers is a new show, rotating excerpts from
musicals - this time - Annie Get Your Gun, Mame,
Damn Yankees and Chorus Line.  Sarah made me
promise to not sing along.
Seinfeld was great with his everyday observations
on Facebook, texting, coffee.  Yada yada yada.

We played a GIANT Jenga game.
By the end, at least 5 feet high!
Quinn was in play when the whole tower
 came down.  This'll be great at Tahoe.
(Thank you Deb and Charlie!)

Viewing all the crazy people down on the strip,
from the safety of our balcony.  Hmmm, maybe
there were crazy people up there, too.
Happy New Year 2015!!  Nice nose light, Mike :)

Stratosphere fireworks on one side.
Strip fireworks on the other!!!

December 25, 2014

Christmas in Las Vegas?

Santa's sleigh travelled far north to pick up our Seattle family.
How good has Gwen been? 

Merry Christmas to the biggest
Marvel comics fan, ever! 
Sarah with a momentary fake out
on the iDrive (supposedly a gizmo
to attach your iPad to your car).

Sarah and Mark gave us each 23 and Me - a genetic
testing kit that is supposed to reveal ancestry.
DNA testing of our own spit!

Things got confusing when Gwen's friend Quinn
came down to visit. We called them "Quindolyn".
They were big fans of garbage detail, which included
the thrill of listening to the garbage clank as it
 dropped down 31 stories.
Shark Reef in Vegas is the world's only predator based
aquarium.  Say Ahhhhh!

December 20, 2014

Golfing in Palm Springs

Palm Springs in early morning glory
Hope springs eternal on every Par 3.  Mike wants
a repeat of his 1974 hole in one! 

Directly across the street is what Palm Springs
looks like after development.  
Palm Springs looked like this before development.

Having fun with the ball markers at the PGA Superstore.
Feeling good on the Gary Player Mission Hills
course.  A lot of courses are now conserving water
by letting the fairways brown out.  Great idea.

December 13, 2014

Christmas Tea in Tacoma

Here's to the ladies who lunch!  Megan, Kathy, Jessica,
Mom, me and Sarah.  Steeped in Comfort, our favorite
tea spot, now has a painting over their fireplace
by Lakewood's famous artist, Beverly Bills!
Scones, cookies and cupcakes await... good thing
the scones are already split so the calories can leak out.

Mom hunted down cookies all the way from
 N├╝rnberg, Germany for the goodie bag.
Marzipan pig, another favorite German treat.

December 10, 2014

Frosty the 12th Man and the new little man!

Mark, Sarah and a bunch of their friends
were kind to let me tag along for the
last Pacific Northwest Ballet performance
with the famous Maurice Sendak set.
Sarah decided the ballet was tiara worthy.  The best
part was when a little girl in the restaurant shyly asked
if she could have her picture taken with "the princess"!

Frosty the 12th Man!

Newborn baby nephew Ryan telling me all about it.
A welcome cuddle with Mom.

Great grandma Bev has just the right touch.

December 2, 2014

Arizona birds, songbirds and birdies

The 80 degree weather in Arizona was pretty easy
to take, especially in the pool.  Rolly can dance

around like a kid in the water!

Kathy, Mike and Rolly being neighborhood
nuisances in front of Cookie's new house.
Litchfield Park - it was breezy but warm at concert time.
Mary Hoffman sang her perky 
heart out in a live concert.   

Road Runner!  The coyote's after you!
So St. Louis sold the football team to
Phoenix, but I didn't realize that Arizona
actually HAD cardinals, until we saw
one on the golf course.

December 1, 2014

Denver and Crop Circles

Crossing over Kearney, Nebraska on our way from
Illinois to Colorado.  We see such weird beauty from the air.
The Rocky Mountains with a new coat of snow!

Our Denver family enjoying the sunshine!
Ben sporting a new sleeve tattoo, self
designed - of different kinds of crop circles.
(He would have really liked Kearney, NE)
Vanessa bravely trying out today's special
at the Polish restaurant - cream of pickle soup.
Brett introduced us (talked us into?) paczki, a Polish
pastry similar to doughnuts, but with less sugar.
Well, maybe...

November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving in Moline, IL

Cookie directing Thanksgiving buffet traffic.  A big
 thank you to our local family who pot-lucked dinner,
 including Vicki's great broccoli salad.  
We brought our appetites.
Did you know that pretty close to 100% of the 40 million
 turkeys that Americans eat each year are artificially
 inseminated?  The broad breasted turkey is bred to have
 very large breasts, which physically get in the way
 when the male and female try to, uh, "create offspring".

Amy and Rosemary bluffing their way through some
impossible words.  Rosemary won the match by
guessing the exact definition of "plumarole", 
which turns out to be a small feather.
Mr. Rogers proudly posing in his neighborhood collection
of outboard motors.  And yes, he has a subscription
to "Antique Outboard Motor" magazine.

Woke up to 20 degrees, 20 mph wind and snow.
Brrrrrr!  We're not used to this!

We rented a Walleyball court at the YMCA for
a couple of hours.  It's a crazy game of volleyball,
where the walls represent the court lines and it's
legal to do stuff like serve it into the wall, or bounce

it into your opponent's head.  No major injuries. 

We'd better check his sleeves for extra cards.
Mike learning Euchre from Dennis and Tori. "Hey,
wait a minute!  You never told me THAT rule!"  

Midwest cousins catching (and cracking) up.
Tori was on kid patrol, here with
Katie - the kids spent hours
 climbing up and down the stairs.

The early stages of Round Robin ping pong, where
 everyone has a paddle and you take turns returning
 a serve from the other side while you revolve in
 a circle.  If you miss 3 times, you're out.  
Late stage Round Robin is where the speed picks up.
This game was down to only Dennis, Tim and Nick.
 Dennis won - must have been the moonshine!